Monday, March 14, 2011

Two More Months and Other News

It is hard to believe, but in two more months, I will be done nursing Lucas. He loves to pull on my hair and face while he nurses and since he has gotten more aggressive about it, I've taught him not to do that. Apparently he needs to pull on something while nursing because he now pulls on his own hair! He also continues to kick while nursing. All the movement I felt in the womb was not just my imagination. I'm not sure his legs ever stop moving! It is always a bit sad for me to be done nursing as it is such a unique stage, but I am enjoying watching him grow.

Another fairly new development in our house comes from Evelyn. Quite often when she and Ezra get into a disagreement, Evelyn has started to yell, loudly and quickly, "Do to others as you would do to you!" She can't quite get the proper phrase out in her frustration. It often takes me a moment to quell my laughter before I can go in and help them resolve their issue!

We shared with the boys yesterday afternoon about the robbery. We started by talking through the Bible story of Joseph and how he had bad things happen to him and how he responded. Then we told them that something bad had happened to our family. They were sad, with tears from Josiah. Josiah was especially sad to hear that they had taken his baseball bat and skateboard. Simeon said his tummy felt scared. They were able to give some good reasons why they thought the people might have taken our things and how we might be able to pray for them. They are rooting for the police to catch them! They all thought it was quite funny that the people took the foosball table, but only took two legs for the table. Josiah had many ideas of what we could do out at the acreage to keep things secure. Simeon prayed for the people who have taken our things at bedtime. Ezra has asked quite a few times when the police are going to find our stuff. We ended by giving them each a notebook to write down gifts that God has given us. I want them to be able to focus on how much we do have, not what was taken away. I know that it will continue to be hard when they discover more of their things that were taken and I hope that the notebook will give them a place to process things. I am thankful that there has not been any fear in them and pray that will continue.

Heading to parent teacher conferences this afternoon. It is always fun to hear how Josiah and Simeon are doing and to see their rooms! A week of spring-like weather lies ahead - yay!

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