Friday, April 1, 2011

An idea for another year

Ooooo. . . I love this idea from Ann Voskamp, a repentance box for Lent*. It is a box that is sealed, where you can write your sins, drop them in and then on Easter, throw them away, just like Jesus has taken away all of our sins. Motherhood, for me, has made me so much more aware and sensitive of my sins. There are so many little eyes watching me, little ears listening to me, and all day long, my sins seep out and settle over the little ones in my house. Sometimes the weight of it crushes my spirit. I love the picture of putting away my sins, visibly throwing them into the locked body of Jesus who has taken care of them all. I love what this could teach my children. An idea for another year, when they are just a bit older. But, I think I might start looking for my own box today. . .

*There are 2 posts associated with this link. The first one has to do with a peace retreat, which, as a side note, I really like the idea of as well. However, the second post is the one I am referencing here.

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