Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Simeon!

Happy 9th Birthday Simeon!  Your birthday was actually quite a few days ago, but with all the holiday activities, including a trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving, I am just now sitting down to write your birthday note.

This year has brought a lot of growth for you.  You have grown taller and your feet seem to have a growth spurt every other week!  You continue to love sports and are constantly playing football or soccer or some other ball game.  Most often you play with Ezra because he enjoys those things as well, but you can be found playing with Lucas and Josiah as well.  You have grown a lot in your ability to control yourself when you get frustrated because you are so competitive!  I am proud of you for working hard at this!  It is not easy for you.

You also continue to enjoy Lucas immensely and now that he is older, you include him in many of your games, always kindly.  It seem slike you instinctively know how to play with younger ones and often let him win or at least make him feel like he is winning.  You want to sit by him at dinner and have started taking a bath with him, taking care of washing and dressing him.  Similarly, you love to help in the nursery at church and jump right in, playing with the kids, again very instinctively.  You often ask about our family having another baby and I would have one in a heartbeat just for you to have that joy if I felt God had given us the green light in that area.  I am very interested to see how God uses and develops your love for little ones.

You continue to enjoy school as well and, in general, it is pretty easy for you. You don't necessarily handle no knowing things very well and we are working at not pretending to know something you don't and working to learn things that might be harder for you without giving up.  You still like to know what things are like before joining in.  One of your favorite things at school is recess!  You have a great teacher this year, who often plays football with the boys in your class at recess.  At your parent teacher conference this fall, Mr. Fischer mentioned that you intercepted some of his passes and they were really good plays on your part!  I often don't hear about anything else from school from you except for the play-by-play that you give me about what happened at recess.  And then, your face is so animated as you give all the details!  You are very well-liked at school and when I ask about your friends, you rattle of 5-6 names and often keep going.

You know all the Vikings football players numbers and positions.  You've started enjoying reading more, especially Flat Stanley books.  You still choke down cooked vegetables, but are better at fresh ones.

I love you Simeon.  I am so priviledged to by your mom.  I see so much possibility in your future and just wonder what God is going to do in and through you!  I love your spontaneous hugs and shy smile.  I pray that God will help you be a leader in your class, doing the right thing even when it is hard to go against those around you.  I pray that you will use your talents and abilities to help and serve others.  Above all, I pray this year, you will learn more who God is and follow him more fully in all areas of your life, loving Him more than anything.  Happy birthday, Simeon!