Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Ordinary Nuisance

Today, I am grateful that my God still does miracles. For I am certain that today, He did one for my family.

It started out as a normal morning, except that I was cold. Okay, that's not so abnormal. But, I was really cold. I decided to check the thermostat and found that it hadn't kicked in yet this morning and there was a good reason that I was cold. Josiah got up and promptly wrapped himself in a blanket on the living room floor. I messed with the thermostat, but couldn't get the furnace running. So, of course, I told my husband who graciously went downstairs to check on the furnace. He tinkered with it, changed the filter, and the furnace clicked on. Josiah and Joel went off to school and I noticed that I was still cold. I checked the thermostat again and it was a degree colder than when I had first checked it this morning. Hmmm. . .

Enter the furnace guy. He arrived about 10am this morning and started tinkering with the furnace. After a little while, he came upstairs and asked me, "Have your kids been sick?" Strange question for a furnace guy to ask, I thought, my heart beating a bit harder. "Yes. . .why?" "Let me show you something." So I went downstairs with him and he showed me where the exhaust vent from the furnace had detached from the furnace, successfully blowing carbon monoxide into our house instead of out of it. Perhaps that explains the frequent headaches Simeon has been having and the crazy behavior of my dog. . .

And now, the furnace which wouldn't turn on this morning, has had no problems since, even though the furnace guy didn't fix anything besides the vent. But it did cause someone to come look, notice condensation on a pipe, look further, and save our family from a very scary "who knows what might have happened."

An ordinary nuisance. Today it was a miracle. I am so grateful.

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