Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Ezra!

Happy 7th Birthday Ezra!  Today you turn seven.  On Wednesday you head to first grade.  I have watched you grow up so much this year, and particularly this summer.  You are growing into quite the boy.  

You have grown into a good worker.  Dad loves it that he can give you a task, here on the acreage or at the school and you will methodically complete it and keep at it until you are finished.  You also got to the point this summer that you would go and find Dad and ask him what job you could do next.  You just finished organizing your dresser drawers.  You have a things about socks -- very particular about how they fit, putting them on every night no matter how hot it is, and spending your own money to buy socks with the Nike swoosh on them for school.  You are the only one in our family that eats his plate in sections, finishing one thing before starting another.  

Even though you have grown up this summer, there are some things about you that haven't changed.  You still love to laugh and joke around.  You often can be found giggling at the table at something Josiah is doing.  You still love to play ball with Simeon.   You will eat just about anything you are served and still are the only one to join your Dad in spicy salsa and tomatoes.  You fill your plate with whatever fresh veggies that are served and for your birthday meal, you were adamant about wanting a spinach salad that I make.  You are still easy to be with.  As part of a devotional I shared at a baby shower this summer, I talked about what each of my children has taught me about God.  About Ezra I said, "Ezra has taught me about friendship with God.  He is easy-going and easy to be with. . .Ezra challenges me to rest in the easy-ness of being with God."  I can't quite verbalize what it is, but there is just something about the way God has made Ezra that he is easy to be with.  You will still snuggle up to me when we are sitting on the couch and occasionally I get your hand slipped into mine.  You are still prone to suck your thumb with your duck blanket -- we're  working on that with duct tape. . .  You still put to memory anything with music to it in no time at all. 

My dear sweet Ezra, I pray that as you continue to grow older, you keep your sweet spirit,  and you continue to tap into that easy to be with part of you, ultimately using it to draw people to Jesus.  I am excited to see what this year brings for you.  I love you buddy and am so priviledged to be your mom.  Happy Birthday.