Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There will be a day. . .

I try to keep reminding myself that there will be a day where I will be able to finish a task in the time it should take to complete it. That will be the day that I will miss terribly the pitter patter of little feet and a voice calling, "Mommy. . ." Right now it just feels like I will never be caught up, much less complete the things I really should do but can't find the energy to do. It must be the start of spring that makes me think of all the cleaning that should be done. It is a struggle to find the balance of enjoying my kids and taking care of my domain and responsibilities. I don't have it figured out. Josiah has been sick. He went to school today, and ate finally, but tonight he complained that his stomach hurt again and could barely get off the couch to change into his pjs. I'm not sure what it is. His eyes well up with tears when I tell him I'm sorry he's not feeling well and I want to just hold him forever in all his innocence.


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