Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Observations

1. Before lunch today, Simeon and Ezra were "playing" soccer on the deck. Well, I'm not sure they ever started playing because Simeon had to keep explaining the rules!

2. Ezra's new favorite phrases: "Never ever. . ." As in, "Ezra, eat your beans now please."
"Never ever, Mommy." Then he proceeds to eat them. And his other new phrase is "Super duper. . ." which is followed by whatever he is excited about - "Super duper fast. . .Super duper yummy. . .etc"

3. Josiah spent the time after lunch building another contraption with his blocks. He is very creative with them and can explain how each part works.

4. While Josiah was doing that, his brothers made over 30 trips up and down the deck flight of stairs chasing each others frisbees.

5. Josiah's recent prayer at lunchtime: "And thank you God for Evelyn. She brings so much joy to our family."

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