Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Josiah!

Ten.  Somehow when you are holding a little 8lb 3oz baby, you don't realize they eventually turn four, seven, and now ten.  I remember often feeling like I didn't know what I was doing with you when you were a baby.  Honestly, I feel that way now too.  You, as the oldest, get to be the guinea pig.  Sometimes, I think that benefits you. Sometimes, I am sure it is a burden! You seem to have a personality that handles all that well and I am grateful for that!

A year to grow to ten has brought some changes.  Your sense of humor has grown and I love watching you "get" jokes that were above you just a year ago.  You think Hogan's Heroes is funny.  Your ability to read has grown and you've made a good dent in The Hobbit.  At one point while you were reading it, you told me, "I can't stop reading it, Mom. . .it's sooo good!"  At the risk of slightly embarrassing you, but because I want to remember, you stink more too and find bodily noises extremely funny!  I am sure that will get worse, but for now it means more showers, deodorant, and reminders to tone down the bodily noises as much as possible.  You started cello lessons this year.  I think you really enjoy it, although you tell me you really want to play bass.  You have worked hard at it and are doing well.  I am excited to see where that goes in the years to come.

A year to grow to ten has also keep some things the same.  You still love Legos and disappear often to make whatever you have dreamed up in your head.  You chose to pool your birthday money to get a large Star Wars lego set.  You still make the sets up but then spend hours modifying them! I continue to be amazed at what you dream up. You still love to work -- not housework, but "real" work.  Your dad often needs your help outside and you are content to do that.  You still love to shoot guns.  You have been thrilled that the move to the acreage has brought quite a few gun shoots with different groups.  This year you got to carry a gun during rabbit hunting.  You still like to be with people and continue to trail me or your dad or leaders at church to be a part of whatever we are doing.  And you still want me to be with you while you are practicing or doing school work or many other things you do.  Sometimes that desire of yours is impossible to fulfill, but I am trying to say yes as much as possible, because I don't know how long it will last and it is such a privilege to be your mom.

Life with ten year old Josiah is as exciting as it always has been.  You are always thinking, learning about the things around you, and talking with others about them.  Like your dad, you are always ready to have a conversation with people and keep things interesting with whatever new thing you have been learning or thinking about.  At conferences, your teacher told me that you sometimes "make the rounds" in the classroom, stopping at each desk to chat with students.  What a fun thing to know about you!  You embrace life enthusiastically, like you have always done, full steam ahead on most things.  You remind me that God has given us so much to enjoy and we miss so much when we fail to enjoy them!  

My prayer for you this year is that you will grow in godly character, developing those gifts that God has placed inside of you.  I pray that you will be confident in who you are and love others with more and more grace.  Josiah, you were the gift I didn't know I wanted and you put my life on a course of motherhood that has forever changed me.  You continue to challenge me as each year brings new aspects of mothering and you continue to bring me more joy than I ever knew I could experience through being your mom.  I love you!

Happy Birthday Josiah.

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