Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Very Late Birthday Post

I have written Evelyn's birthday post in my head over and over again.  Each time I sit down to write it, I get teary and give up!  I think partly it is because, she of all my children, is a reminder that life is fragile and each child is a gift.  But, there are many things I want to remember about this year of her life, so here is goes!

Evelyn wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling, literally.  Recently, she has started watching out of her bedroom door for me to leave my room in the morning and then she hops out to meet me with a big grin and stays with me throughout my getting ready routine.  Almost every night, after I pray, she tells me she wants to pray about something, grins and then, usually thanks God for something from her day.  Then she gives me another huge grin and snuggles under the covers.

Although she has mostly stopped humming while she eats, she is constantly humming and singing throughout the day.  When we walk across the yard, she is making up a tune.  When she is playing in the living room, she is singing.  When we are in the car, her vocals are at their loudest!

Evelyn had her tonsils taken out this year.  She really didn't sleep for the two weeks after the surgery, but since then has slept better than she has in a long time.  While she was recovering, she mostly ate chocolate pudding and orange popsicles.  Since her surgery, we have been back to the ENT doctor numerous times as her ears have had fluid in them.  We were so grateful to have them better at our last appointment, which meant postponing another surgery for tubes in the ears.  We are hopeful that they will continue to improve.  Evelyn is still visiting a doctor in Sioux Falls periodically, to keep her systems moving regularly.  She takes medicine at each meal to help train her body to work properly again.  Overall, she is much better, but has had some relapses.

She loves to play with her Strawberry Shortcake set and I love to eavesdrop while she makes conversation between the dolls.  She is also easily persuaded from her brothers to play big machinery or kitties.  She loves to run errands with me and thinks she likes to shop with Aunt Crystal and me, although often grows weary before we are done!  She holds my hand.  She hates to have her hair combed, but will sit very still for Aunt Crystal to do it.  Her made-up word is "Ba-ba-low-nee" -- as it "it's a babalonee" or "we should make a babalonee."  She is almost as tall as Ezra.  She loves to wear pink and purple. She loves to ride horses, especially Grandpa the Farmer's Copper, and seems completely confident and comfortable on them, like she has always ridden them.

Dear Evelyn,  you bring so much joy and life to my days.  I love to watch you enjoy life, bouncing through your days as if life was a gift. . .as it is.  You challenge me to remember that, each day.  I am grateful for the "girly-ness" you bring to the house.  I pray this year that you will grow in your love for Jesus and in your understanding of His love for you so that you can show others that love in your joy, actions and words.  I love you.

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  1. Wow. She sounds so precious. The song, "You are my sunshine comes to mind." I know she will treasure these words one day.