Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Josiah!

It's been about a month since Josiah's birthday.  We've had unusually warm weather and have been enjoying it and working hard outside.  Couple that with the fact that my youngest is still not sleeping well at night (that's another post) and I am just now getting to finishing his birthday post. We had a fun weekend, with an extra treat of visiting one of his favorite places. . .Grandpa & Grandma Bundt's farm.

Josiah, how in the world are you 9 years old already?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was almost in a panic as your Dad and I drove you home from Sioux Falls after a week in the NICU. I didn't have any idea what I was supposed to do with you. Oh, I had read the books, but there's no way to really know what it actually looks like when you have a little one in your hands. I remember lots of nights in the lazy boy recliner, sleeping, holding you so that you would switch your days and your nights around, since they had gotten flipped in the hospital. And although I didn't really know what I was doing, I loved you and dreamt of what life with you would be like.

Now, nine years later, I look back and realize I couldn't have imagined what you would bring to my life.  There are many things that are really fun about you during this stage.  I am fascinated by how your brain works.  You disappear into the room that you have taken over with your legos and will stay there for hours. . .creating the newest thing in your brain.  Your brother Ezra has started to complain that you never play with him and Simeon anymore because you are always doing legos! You no sooner start on one project than you are dreaming up the next one. Your teacher, Mrs. Lambert, is quite convinced that you will either become an engineer or a game maker because of what you have shown her with your legos this year.  I am excited, and curious, to see how God uses your creativity.

You are a lot like your daddy in how your brain works too. You devour everything that you read and whatever you study at school, you remember in exact details. You are often saying to me, "Mom, did you know that. . . .?"  Since my brain doesn't remember details very well, I am re-learning a lot through you! I pray that your desire to learn continues and that you will delve into God's word with similar passion.

I am really enjoying that your sense of humor is developing. You catch on to a lot of jokes now and one of my favorite things is to hear you giggle at a funny movie or show. We recently watched Annie together and hearing you laugh at Miss Hannigan running into the walls was so fun!

You continue to love to work and really are a lot of help, especially to Dad. You will work all day Saturday helping him outside. A few weeks ago, you confided in me that "I'm really doing most of the work, Mom. Dad just drives the pickup from spot to spot and then I have to hook the chain around the log. . ." Dad laughed when I told him and then said that was sort of true! You, of course, have all these plans for out here. . .chickens, garden, tree fort. . .

One other thing that I am enjoying about this stage in your life is that you want to tell me things and you want me to do things with you. Well, you've always wanted to be right with me and I still sometimes have to tell you that you are following me and you need to find something to do or I'm going to keep tripping over you. But mostly, you follow me and tell me about your day or when your doing your chores, you are continually sharing something interesting.  And you constantly want me to "do legos" with you, which really means that you ask me to find all the hard pieces! I know that may not last forever, so I am trying to make and treasure that time.

Josiah, you add so much uniqueness to my days.  You keep me on my toes.   I still often feel like I have no idea what I am doing as I parent.  But, being your mom has more than exceeded my dreams of what having you in my life would be like when I held you.  Happy birthday, my dear first born son.  May this year be another year of growing into a young man who follows God with all of his heart, all of his soul, and all of his mind.  I love you.

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