Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had no idea before I had children that it was possible to fall in love in a split second. I didn't know you could go from not knowing a someone to doing anything in the world for a someone.  And all because that someone was yours.

And then I became an aunt and found out another truth -- that I can fall head over heels for someone that isn't technically "mine." In a split second. And that I miss them, pray for them, hope for them. That my heart can hurt worse than I can imagine for them.

And hurt my heart does these days.  My newest niece is in the NICU at a San Francisco hospital, just four days old and facing her first of many surgeries. My mind is consumed with prayers for her and her parents. And I wish with all my heart that I could do something!  But I can't. So I hurt and I pray and I love from a distance.

Dear Gabby, may God preserve your life and give you peace through all you experience each day.  And may you feel the love of those nearest you and those far away who send their love on their prayers.

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