Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Simeon!

Yesterday, Simeon turned seven years old.  Seven. I actually asked him last week if he was sure he was going to be seven because somehow, in my mind, I was stuck on six. But no, seven.  Seven wonderful years of Simeon. I could not have imagined who he would be when I first held him in my arms so many years ago.  And I know I cannot imagine who he will become.

He is happiest when someone will play football with him. He sighs and resigns himself to playing by himself when he can't convince anyone to play with him, but he still plays. He has two Vikings jerseys and two more on his want list. And oh, how he struggles with losing.  He is getting better at coping.

He is a typical middle child in that he is a peacemaker, but sometimes he just gets tired of making peace and loses it. Self control in his emotions is a struggle for him.  I love that, in spite of those times, he's the one who plays with and gets along with everyone. He seems to unite the family. One of my favorite things about Simeon right now is that he giggles. Somethings strikes his funny bone and he disolves in giggles and it is hard not to laugh with him.

Simeon doesn't necessarily reveal how he is feeling about normal, daily events. It's hard to tell if he is excited about something.  His heart is tender, though. You often see him with tears in his eyes when someone else is getting in trouble. He is quick to apologize to me when he feels like he has done something that upsets me. He loves to read a children's Bible at night. Out of the blue, he will share that he really likes something. And he loves to be at home.

Dear Simeon, I am so thankful that God gave you to me as my second son. You have added so much joy to my life and I love spending time with you. May God continue to mold you into a man after His own heart and use the gifts and talents He has given you for His glory. I love you.

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