Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts from Evelyn

Evelyn went to the farm this week. I might be wrong, but I think this was the first time she had gone all by herself. When I asked her if she was ready to come home, she told me, "No, I wanted to stay the whole week." Oh, well, I certainly missed her presence around the house. I always missed the boys when they were gone, but I also enjoyed the break from the constant energy and noise. But Evelyn, I just missed her. Maybe it was because, in the best sense of the phrase, she is mine, I understand her. She wants to do what I do, be like Mommy. . .Apparently, Mama's miss their little girls in a different way!

Some of Evelyns highlights from her time on the farm:
  • She got to ride the horse, Copper, with Grandpa sitting behind her. She "likes Copper."
  • She told me she was going to save the sack lunch Grandma made her for the trip home, for when she went to the farm again. I did convince her that Grandma had sent it for the car ride and she could eat it.
  • She was thrilled to find the kitties in the haymow. And only one ran away.
  • She loved her time with her cousins, Johanna and Micaela, although she told me that they should have stayed longer
  • When we got home, Evelyn got her pjs from her suitcase, and then stuffed everything else back in, "so it will be ready for when I go to the farm again next week."
I am so thankful she had such a good time and thankful for wonderful grandparents who love and sacrifice for my children. And, I'm thankful God gave me a little girl to love and miss!

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