Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ezra!

Every time I sit down to write about Ezra for his birthday, I stare at the screen and eventually give up. I think it is because I find Ezra so hard to describe. I feel like you have to experience Ezra. He is easy. Easy to have around, easy to please, easy to enjoy. He is normally happy to help and happy to obey. He spontaneously and genuinely says "thank you" and "I love you." He makes you laugh with his random thoughts and interesting expressions. He notices a new hair do or new shoes. He initiates conversation with just about anyone. When he comes home or someone else comes home, he always greets with a cheerful, "Hi _____!" He approaches life with gusto and enthusiasm.

And now he is five years old and seems to be growing up by the minute. He was so proud to turn five and be "faster and
bigger." For his birthday meal, Ezra chose salad. . . "like you and Dad have, Mom with all the stuff and that sauce with chunks in it."

So we had a cobb salad and Ezra got his blue cheese dressing, just like Dad. His brothers convinced him that he needed to have corndogs, so we had homemade corndogs as well.

Ezra, may you always enjoy life and people as you do now. I am so thankful for the joy you add to my daily living. I am excited to see you grow this year as you start school for the first time. I love you. . .Happy Birthday!

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