Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Saturday afternoon, Joel, the boys and Jason worked out at the acreage. The big cement pond and fountain that you see above all has to be taken out in order for the new house to be moved on to the property. Evelyn, Lucas and I went out to see the progress after naps. It was fun to be out there as a family, watch the kids run and play in big open spaces. I walked by our ten or more rhubarb plants and dreamed of flowers and gardens! Amidst all of the work this is taking and will continue to take, I feel such peace and excitement being out there. For that, I am so grateful.

Today, I am also grateful for Jason, who has done so much work out at the acreage. He called last night and informed me that he and a high school guy had gone out after school and finished taking out the entire pond and fountain. He does all this work so unassumingly, seeming to really enjoy it, but I am so grateful for the stress it relieves for Joel and the help he is to us.

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