Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're owners!

We are so excited that God has provided us with something we have prayed about for a long time -- an acreage to raise our family on! I feel like the family is abuzz with plans and anticipation for what is to come. Josiah, as we all knew, is so very excited. We closed on the property on Monday morning, and after school, Josiah gave me a huge hug and said, "I'm so excited we got the acreage, Mom!" Then, Monday night as we were praying before bed, he asked me if we would need to work all of Saturday and Sunday to get our stuff out there. I'm not sure his feet have hit the ground yet! We've already made a few trips out there, moving things out our house in town in an attempt to de-clutter a bit to show and sell it. Now we are praying for God to provide the perfect house for our family and that He would sell our house as well. We are so blessed! I posted some pictures of the acreage here.

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