Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Time Memories

We are busy getting ready for school in our home.  Josiah came along with Evelyn and I to her last appointment for her helmet in Sioux Falls and afterwards we shopped for school supplies for him.  It was very interesting to watch him pick out his supplies.  The most important thing to him was that the supplies were blue.  We picked out his backpack first and then he matched the blues of the other supplies to the blue of his backpack.  There were two shades of blue folders and he picked the one that was closest in color to the backpack.  Very interesting! 

Simeon has been very interested in starting “school” at home with me.  He wanted to know when his school started.  I told him maybe 2 weeks and he counted the 14 days that was and stated, “Oooh, that’s not very long!”  He also wants to spell.  I told him he has to learn to write his name first, so he has been practicing.  He has a hard time with the “e” he says, and often goes back over parts that aren’t exactly on the tracing line.  After tracing his name a few times one day, he announced that he now knew how to write his name and was ready to start spelling! 

It’s fun to see them excited about learning!

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