Sunday, August 16, 2009

More things to remember

1. Evelyn finally had her first tooth pop through two days ago.  It only took 14 months, but she has a cute little tooth on the bottom.  I’m pretty sure she is working on another one since her shirt is soaked each day! 

2. Josiah’s comment when I read him his school supply list: “I’m going to have a lot of fun in kindergarten if I have to get all that stuff!”

3. I had an argument with Simeon at 4:45am the other morning – Simeon was sure that he could not fall asleep!  I kept telling him that he had been asleep, I had been asleep, and he could just go back to sleep.  He was convinced he had never fallen asleep for the night.  I finally persuaded him to just lay back and keep trying to fall asleep.  He might have been asleep before I got out of the room. . .

4.  Ezra: “Guess what guys. . .I have big boy underwear on. . .I get a sucker if I go poppy in the toliet.” He knows all the rules, but not so successful yet in staying dry and clean.

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