Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival was so much fun! The boys were delighted with everything.

We did ride night
on Wednesday night. They are getting older and really loved the kids rides. Even Ezra did everything his brothers did. Josiah was sweet and took Ezra's hand and led him through a maze ride.

We scrubbed streets.
The boys entertained the crowds. We took up the rear guard and I'm pretty sure Josiah found all the spots on the road that the mobs of people in front of us missed! Grandpa Clark, Aunt Crystal and I accompanied the boys a few days and then Joel and I enjoyed doing it on Saturday. Someone would dump water for them and then the boys would vigorously attack the water with their brooms.

We watched parades. Ezra was in tears anytime he thought that we were going to miss a part of the parade. The boys loved the bands, tractors and motorcycles!

And of course, Aunt Crystal and I did a great job indoctrinating them on Tulip Festival food!

It was fun to have family around to enjoy it with. I'm glad I went to the work of getting costumes for everyone. I'm grateful Mom let me borrow hers, and I think I will have one made for me for next year. . .perhaps with a matching one for Evelyn!

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