Friday, May 8, 2009

A farm boy in the city

I witnessed the reality of a farm boy in the city this morning. . .We went to pick up Josiah from school. The other boys like to get out of the car and run up and down the sidewalk while we wait for Josiah to come out. So, Ezra and Simeon had run down to the bottom of the stairs and turned around to head back to the van. All the sudden, I hear Simeon say, "Just wait a sec Ezra. . ." Then, almost in slow motion, I see him pull his pants down and proceed to relieve himself in the rocks at the bottom ot the stairs. Keep in mind that there are a row of vans and cars parked with parents in them, waiting for their children to come out too. So, I ran out and helped Simeon pull up his pants, asking him what he was doing? He looked sort of shocked and said he had to go really badly. I told him we didn't do that, he needed to come tell me that he had to go. He continued to look confused, so after I had meekly smiled and shrugged my shoulders at a few parents, and we were in the van, I explained that we could only go potty outside when we were at the farm, but at home, we needed to tell Mommy and we'd find a place to go inside. I'm pretty sure from a later conversation between Simeon and Josiah that this has been a common practice from Simeon outside around our house, although I have not witnessed it! About 2 seconds after we got back to the van, the students came running down the stairs -thankfully it was not 2 seconds earlier!! Oh, the necessity of learning the difference between the farm and the city!

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