Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Weight of Weeping

Here I am: "Heavy from the hurts I heard. Not the troubles my own heart has known, not troubles my body has born, but troubles I've witnessed, heard of, empathized. One wonders how this world can bear the weight of the sin that bears it down daily. Maybe that is why it groans, and we groan. Yes, I think that's it. We know that as long as we walk this twirling sphere, there will be tears and sorrow. And we get weary with the weight of weeping."

What I need to remember and live: "It doesn't help the hurting to be angry or bitter or frustrated or even sad all the time over the sadness, the injustice, the injuries this world can inflict. To weight our hearts down with grief doesn't lighten the load of others."

Lord, may I: "give thanks and pray to (You) the One who still works miracles in hurting hearts. I'm slipping off my load of hearts onto Him who can truly heal them. "

Quotes taken from: Ashley Haupt at Little Pieces of Ordinary, Feb 18, 2011 posting.

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