Friday, August 27, 2010


Ezra: Today reading the story of Noah, "How did God shut the door Mom?" I gave him a few possibilities. He seemed to like the idea of an angel doing it the best. Then, his added thoughts, "Angels cover our house Mom. They're pretty strong. . .but not as strong as Jesus."

I find Ezra makes random spiritual statements frequently. It was my joy to pray with him this week to ask Jesus to be his Savior. Joel has been talking with the three boys about what that means, but each time we have had that discussion, none of them is ready yet. Ezra went to the store with Joel last weekend and they discussed it again. Ezra said he was ready to do that, but wanted to pray with Mommy. Then he brought it up again with me, so we prayed. He seems to understand what it means and commented afterwards, "Now I get to go to heaven!" Of course, he followed that with, "I won't do any more bad things," so we had to talk that through, but I am excited to see God work in his life as he grows to understand more and more about following after Christ.

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