Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates. . .

Friday's motto: Life is like a box of chocolates. . .you never know what you're gonna get!

I took Josiah and Simeon to the doctor Friday afternoon for followups on pneumonia and burst eardrum. . .Josiah is doing great, a little perturbed to be missing out at school. Simeon still complaining that his ear is plugged. The doctor checked Simeon and said there was still a lot of wax in there. So, they tried to wash it out. Finally moved the "wax" enough that the doctor thought she could grab it with a little tweezer thing. "Hmmmm. . .this is really hard. . .it almost looks like some sort of foreign object. . .I think we'd better send you to a specialist to get this thing out." So, we took a trip to Sioux Center (just 15min away) to see the specialist between surgeries. Simeon was quite a trooper. The specialist said lots of kids have to be sedated in order for him to dig in the ear enough. Well, he pulled out a little air bb ball that Simeon had put in his ear at some point. (Simeon says, "maybe when I was three?. . ." ) Judging by the amount of wax behind the ball, it had been in there for a month or more! I can't believe that he just started complaining last week that his ear was plugged. The specialist said that it might have just moved a bit and really plugged up the ear. Anyway, cleared out a lot of wax. . .have to go back on Monday to try and get the rest, after a weekend of eardrops/hydrogenperoxide. And 2plus hours later, we return home with a little bb wrapped in a paper towel for Simeon to show off! I just hope it's a trickle around lesson for all to learn from!!

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