Monday, March 30, 2009

Joel's Birthday

Today I am making treats for my husband Joel, to celebrate his birthday. I have cupcakes cooling on the counter for his track throwers. I made peppermint icecream cake for Men at Worship. I made one batch of bars last night for the teacher's lounge and have one more batch to make today sometime. Tomorrow morning I am making plunkit for the girls track team. It is some work, but I really don't mind at all. I feel like I do so little to really help and support the things that he does, that I like to do things like this. It makes me feel a part of what he is doing. I am so grateful for Joel and feel blessed to be his wife. We were able to go out Saturday night and went for dinner at the Blue Mountain. We had fun together. I do not take for granted to time we get together and the fact that we enjoy each other. I know that sometimes he feels last in line, competing for my attention amidst the demands of four loud children! I keep praying that I can show him in meaningful ways that he is the love of my life.


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